Nui Gung Class
Tuesday 7:30 - 8:30 PM 12 weeks
For 12 Weeks
Starting April 22, 2003

Class Tuition: $175

An intense series of internal exercises that greatly accelerate Chi formation, condenses the energy into bones and strengthens and conditions your muscles and tendons and entire body, internally and externally, to a very high degree.

These exercises are composed of Standing Meditation, Breathing Techniques and Moving Exercises. Nui Gung exercises are extremely advanced internal exercises that create incredible strengthening of your body, for health and self defense. Sometimes known as "Golden Bell" or "Iron Vest" training because of the amazing level of energy, vitality and strength generated.

Prerequisite: Minimum 3 years of Tai Chi training, or 5 or more years other martial arts or internal training (meditation, yoga, internal or external martial arts, etc.) or approval by Master Domingo Colon

Call 914-337-3339 to register for this outstanding class. You will be amazed at the level of conditioning you will achieve, while increasing your flexibility, balance and peace of mind.

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